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The Anti-Ageing + HA ampoules is an intensive care product for daily use.

It contains probiotics, functional peptides, growth factors and hyaluronic acid which help to reduce and prevent the signs of ageing.
Firms and provides instant and long-lasting hydration. Provides firmness and brightness to the skin of your face, softening wrinkles and the signs of fatigue. The face will appear younger,
moisturised, firm and bright.



▪ Wrinkles
▪ Sagging
▪ Dull skin
▪ Dehydrated skin
▪ Mature and aged Skin
(+ 35 years old)



Long term

▪ Deep hydration of the skin
▪ Reduces and prevents the signs of ageing
▪ Improves the general appearance of the skin


Short term

▪ Moisturises the skin
▪ Provides brightness and firmness
▪ Reduces the signs of fatigue


Frequency of application

▪ Once a day in the morning


Skin type

▪ All skin types


Warnings and Cautions for Use

▪ Cosmetic product for topical use
▪ Do not inject
▪ Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous
membranes when using these products
▪ Protect from direct light
▪ Store within the temperature range given
▪ Do not use if the package is damaged
▪ Once the package is open, throw away all unused


Active agents

Encapsulation systems (Liposomes)

▪ liposomes are spherical lipid systems with a
composition similar to the cell membranes, which
allow active agents to be stored inside them
▪ biomimetic composition
▪ restore the protective barrier of the skin as they
maintain its hydration and prevent transcutaneous
water loss
▪ capable of releasing encapsulated active agents in
the deepest layers of the skin
▪ prevent degradation of the active agents
▪ increase the effectiveness of the active agent,
since it arrives untouched at the target layer of the


Probiotic (Bacillus Ferment)

▪ enzymatic exfoliant
▪ removes dead cells, giving the skin a soft texture
▪ promotes cell regeneration


Hyaluronic Acid

▪ contains medium and low molecular weight
hyaluronic acid, helping to obtain long-lasting and
instant action results
▪ provides volume and promotes epidermal
▪ reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
▪ activates fibroblast function and collagen
synthesis, bringing elasticity and firmness to the
▪ induces the synthesis of various skin growth
factors, slowing down natural ageing processes


Functional peptides

▪ prevent wrinkle formation and soften existing
wrinkles through muscle relaxation


Growth factors
[IGF1 (SH-Oligopeptide-2), FGF (SHPolypeptide-1), EGF (SH-Oligopeptide-1)]

▪ growth factors are proteins which join onto their
own receptors on the cell membrane
▪ they activate cell proliferation and differentiation,
cell migration and gene expression
▪ they inhibit apoptosis
▪ they increase the Extracellular Matrix by promoting
the synthesis of collagen, elastin, laminin,
fibronectin and hyaluronic acid

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Anti-aging + HA Ampoules

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