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For those interested in grouping their solo or group treatments, at the vale aesthetics we offer treatment bundles.

Our bundles are perfect for gift-giving, parties, proms, group holidays or bridal parties. Our bundles include a group discount and allow large groups to receive quality treatments at the venue of their choosing. Our treatment options include 1ml of dermal lip filler and 3 areas of Anti-wrinkle treatment for each member. The party organiser will also receive further discounts on the treatments included, depending on the size of the party. Our bundle deals come as discounted packages with three group options which include bookings of 5, 10 and 15+ members per party.

1 ml Dermal Filler 


3 Areas Anti-wrinkle Injections


2 Sessions Profhilo


3 Areas Anti-wrinkle Injections

2 ml Dermal Filler


3 Areas Anti-wrinkle Injections

5 members
Organiser 50% off 1 ml Filler

Anti-wrinkle Injections £260 pp
1 ml Dermal Filler
 £210 pp

10 members

Organiser 70% off 1 ml Filler

Anti-wrinkle Injections £255 pp
1 ml Dermal Filler £190

15+ members 
Organiser free 1 ml Filler 

Anti-wrinkle Injections £250 pp
1 ml Dermal Filler £180

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