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All About Laser

Let's start with the laser we all know - LASER HAIR REMOVAL. Technology has developed so much with this type of laser that we can now treat all skin tones, all year round. So it's not just for winter ❄️.

At The Vale Aesthetics we offer you laser hair removal treatments using the award-winning, medical-grade laser hair removal machine by The SMART Group. The SMARTDiode Pro incorporates the latest in laser technology with SHR super-fast "slide & glide" treatment delivery, averaging under 15 minutes, completely PAIN FREE on the body and with a slight sensation on intimate areas.

A laser we love at The Vale Aesthetics is Intensive Pulse Light (IPL) laser. IPL is one of the oldest type of laser skin rejuvenation treatments available. It has been proven to increase collagen and skin cell turn over giving your skin that much needed boost.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation is one of the most effective methods of treating skin damage in a non-invasive way. IPL is not a laser, but a broad wavelength light that is pulsed onto the skin. It can treat many conditions at the same time from ageing to Rosacea.


It offers an effective modern approach to skin rejuvenation for all skin tones. It targets many concerns to achieve an overall glow, giving you a beautifully even appearance. Sun spots, facial redness, and fine lines are no match for the power of light. It's a great way to tackle the majority of skin-related concerns, including tightening lax skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Final results should last around one year, but you can get maintenance treatments every 4-6 month to keep your results fresher longer.


This is the ultimate in skin rejuvenation. using  Fractional CO2 Laser. This is a safe, effective skin resurfacing treatment, which has been proven for the improvement of common skin concerns including  ACNE SCARRING, SUN DAMAGE SKIN, PIGMENTATION, FINE & DEEP WRINKLES, STRETCH MARKS removes WARTS and VAGINAL REJUVENATION.


Fractional CO2 Laser delivers perfectly controlled energy pulses into the surface of the skin. The rapid and short bursts of controlled heat stimulates collagen and elastin production as well as a contraction and tightening effect in the dermis of the skin. As only tiny dots of laser energy are delivered into the skin, clients will benefit from quicker recovery, with less downtime and risks compared to traditional laser resurfacing treatments.

As well as offering rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolletage, hands, the versatility of Fractional CO2 Laser offer vaginal rejuvenation that improves postnatal sexual gratification, correction of vaginal relaxation, and correction of urinary stress leakage.

After CO2 laser treatment, it usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks for your skin to heal. (your skin will be very sensitive during this time). Unfortunately CO2 laser is not for all skin tones on the face and can only be used on skin types 1 to 3. It can however be used on all skin tones in the vaginal area.

When it comes to choosing the right laser procedure it is best to come in and discuss you option with us for the best results for you.


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